Gjusta Coffee

A little while ago, I received my first thank you present as a note of gratitude for my work. It was a touching moment. As I mentioned back then, I did not care what was inside that box. It could have been an empty box for all I cared. I was just thankful that someone appreciated my work enough to go out of their way to get me something — even if it was just an empty box. That said, it was not, an empty box.

The box was a Gjusta gift set that, among other things, contained some freshly roasted coffee beans that I was beyond excited to try! The only problem, I did not own a coffee grinder — until now.

Admittedly, for someone who loves coffee, I was surprised to realize that I did not own a coffee grinder. I have always purchased freshly ground coffee or used the grinders at the supermarket to grind my beans upon purchasing them. That said, and regardless of how I acquire my coffee beans, I do have high standards when it comes to how I brew my coffee.

I know that currently there is a fascination with Chemex’s pour-over coffee, but for me there will never be a cup quite as delectable as that which is brewed with a French Press — call me old fashioned, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. So I ground my coffee, mixed it with some hot water in my French Press, and waited 4 minutes.

Review: Flavor. If I had to describe this cup with just one word, it would be flavor. Every note of dark chocolate, toasted almonds, and blackberries shines through each and every sip. This coffee is bright, crisp, and unbelievably mouthwatering. Sip after sip, this cup makes a presence, one that beckons your attention and commands authority. Suddenly, I realized something peculiar about this cup. It was effectively a cup of Blue Bottle’s New Orleans coffee — my absolute favorite commercially available coffee in the United States. Needless to say, I was impressed.

Unfortunately, I do not know how much this coffee costs — because, it was a present. However, after tasting this superior cup of what can only be described as the nectar of the gods, I will be sure to visit Gjusta’s store in Venice, CA. Perhaps upon learning it’s price I may reevaluate this coffee, but as of right now, it stands among the highest rated thus far. The Ramdolfi Score: 9/10.

Tell me, have you ever had Gjusta coffee? Do you grind your own coffee, or do you buy it ground? Are you a French Press person, or do you have a different method of choice?

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(Featured Image by: Mr. Ramdolfi)

14 thoughts on “Gjusta Coffee

  1. I live in New Zealand and have never heard of Gjusta coffee, but at a score of 9/10 I’ll be sure to try some next time i am Stateside. We have a local coffee roastery just down the street here in Hawke’s Bay, called Hawthorne Coffee and their beans are also excellent. Whenever our son visits from the States, he takes back a few bags.

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