Las Vegas | The Best Man’s Bachelor Party

Las Vegas | The Best Man’s Bachelor Party

After waking up at the crack of dawn and navigating the road less traveled for no less than 5 hours, I finally arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada for my best man’s bachelor party — a celebration I would not miss for the world.

This weekend was all about my best man — one of my best and oldest friends. Story time: We met back in high school, freshman year I believe. We were both in Track & Field, Cross Country, and Tennis (we were athletic back then). Throughout the years we stayed in touch, always picking up right where we last left off. As an only child, I imagine this is how having a brother is like.

In the blink of an eye, our youth had vanished, we moved out of our parents’ houses, got jobs, and met the women we would marry. He would go on to be my best man, and now I would find myself in the middle of the desert to bid his bachelor days farewell.

Our headquarters would be based out of the MGM hotel (next to the New York, New York), right on the strip. The gents would then trickle in throughout the rest of Friday. Meanwhile, the Bachelorette and her party gathered just a few hotels down the block for a concurrent (but separate) celebration — we would only meet for Saturday night’s outing.

This would be one for the books and essentially a sequel to the first time we went to Vegas together about 7 years ago, back when we could partake in the excessive intake of libations without suffering from unpleasant symptoms the morning after — but that’s a story for another post. Of course, there is only one way to start any adventure in my book, specially after waking up at 4:00 AM, an ungodly hour of the night.

That would be coffee. Upon finding the man of the hour, his brother, and his best man, we made a stop to get some strong, pour-over, black coffee to fuel the start of the day. He thought it would be funny to photobomb my coffee shot, he missed.


Tell me, have you ever been to Vegas? If so, have you stayed at the MGM? Do you still keep in touch with your high school friends?

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(Featured Image by: Mr. Ramdolfi)