IKEA Coffee Review

IKEA Coffee Review

While not know for its coffee, IKEA is famous for its affordable yet stylish furniture and decorations — the latter of which we sought to purchase for the wedding. Specifically, we went to IKEA in a semi-last minute effort to find wood slices for our wedding’s table decorations.

We perused the somewhat defined trajectory of sample setups, many of which displayed our own furniture — it would, this is where we purchased most of it. Halfway through, we arrived at the cafeteria-style restaurant famous for its meatballs where I picked up, you guessed it, coffee!

Review: I quickly noticed that my cup had a delightfully sweet aroma. At first taste I was intrigued, and upon second examination, I was able to detect hints of berries. Overall, it was a surprisingly full bodied, low acidity, semi-sweet cup of Scandinavian coffee.

At $1.00 a cup and free refills, this is a great cup! I may not go out of my way to buy IKEA’s coffee the way people do for their meatballs, but it is good, and that’s something I was not expecting to say about a furniture store. The Ramdolfi Score: 4.5/10.

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(Featured Image by: Mr. Ramdolfi)