Getting Married, This Week

Getting Married, This Week

A few months ago I started this lifestyle blog to spread positivity, optimism, and a vicarious insight to life on the west coast, through married life in Los Angeles under the influence of caffeine. I was supposed to start writing next week, after the wedding. But if you’re reading this, chances are that you chose to follow my caffeinated adventure — thank you, you’re the best! — and thus know that I started early with engaged life in Los Angeles under the influence of caffeine. That, or you’re reading this from the future — perhaps our children reading what your parents’ life was like in their youth? Hi kids, dinner’s ready, get off you holographic smartwatches and come to the table.

At last, the wedding is days away. After 11 years since I met her, 3 years since I started pursuing her, 2 years since I asked her to be my girlfriend, and 1 year since the engagement, it’s time. Finally, I get to become one with my best friend under the eyes of God. To say that I am blessed, would be the understatement of the century. I am not trying to boast, but rather share the joy of this moment — and perhaps inspire you to believe in love.

As I wrap up my journey as a bachelor, I think of the long and broken road that led me here. I wish things had been different. I am thankful for every stage of the journey, but I wish I could have had all of those years we spent as friends, as the lovers that we are today. That said, if given the chance I would not change a thing. I would not choose asking her out on day one if that meant risking arriving at “I do.” It was a long, long road, but it was well worth the drive; and I for one, cannot wait to start the next journey later this week.

Tell me, how long did it take you to ask your significant other out? Would you change things if you could? Do you think we’ll have commercially available holographic technology in our lifetime?

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A Year Engaged

A Year Engaged

Today marks the exact one year anniversary since the engagement. It truly feels as if it was last week that I was on one knee asking my girlfriend to spend the rest of her life with me. Now, we’re less than a month away from “I do!”

I would love to say that it has been an easy year, a piece of cake, and in many ways it has! However, it has been challenging as well. Starting with trying to find the perfect wedding venue, all the way to finalizing details such as the seating chart, the past year has been largely focused on planning our wedding — which has not yielded a shortage of stress.

At the same time, I would be remiss not to mention how wonderful life with the fiancée (or “wife-elect” as I like to call her) has been. There is something so comforting about waking up every morning next to the woman you know will be your constant until death do us part. I am blessed, not a day goes by that her presence does not remind me of it.

Outside of our wedding planning journey, our year engaged has been eventful, to say the least. Below are a few of our highlight:

Travel: While we have minimized the costly adventures and date nights to save for the wedding, we technically did travel — exactly a year ago we were across the country navigating the streets of Orlando, Florida. We have not traveled since, but our honeymoon is just around the corner!

Employment: We have each experienced changes in employment, one great, one not so much. I used to work at a law firm at one of the skyscrapers in the featured image, which I left to take a risk at a startup. Meanwhile, the wife-elect’s clinic experienced an unfortunate change in management, which has left her longing for the good ol’ days.

Transportation: On my end, my new job requires me to drive, which I love! I accepted using the subway in New York, but I could not get used to LA’s outdated, inconvenient, filthy metro. On her end, she finally upgraded to a modern vehicle from this century! She now drives the fiancée-mobile — she has yet to name her car.

Dates: Despite our frugality in the past year, we have still been able to enjoy date nights! Admittedly, our budget has encouraged us to get creative. For example, we have taken advantage of Southern California’s poppy “super bloom” as an inexpensive adventure to the desert. Date night is important to us, even if it is only a trip down the street to our secret spot.

All in all, it has been an amazing year! Stressful? Sure, but life is going to present you with challenges, hurdles, and stress regardless of whether you are planning a wedding or not. As such, we have focused on the positives of our engaged life. Coming up next, married life!

Tell me, what are the highlights of your year? Have you traveled recently and where? Also, do you name your car?

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