Gjusta Coffee and a note about Gratitude

Gjusta Coffee and a note about Gratitude

As I begin to type, I realize that I am not sure if this review is entirely about coffee, or if it’s more about gratitude. Allow me to explain. I work in U.S. Immigration Law. I have been in the field professionally for about half a decade, and in one way or another, have had a connection with it my entire life — but more on that later.

My job is complicated, to properly explain what I do would take dozens of blog posts — and perhaps someday I’ll write them. But for today’s story, all you have to know is that a part of what I do includes providing foreign nationals with permanent residences, more commonly known as “green cards.”

In all of my years in immigration, and after the hundreds of cases I have processed, I had never received a thank you present — until this week. I should mention that I have received emails thanking me for my work. Although even if I hadn’t, ultimately it is my job, and I do believe that a job well done is its own reward. But presents, those are reserved for partners at law firms.

Still, yesterday when I arrived at my desk I found a box. A coworker then explained that a foreign national was looking for me with regards to his recently issued green card. In an instant I realized what it was, a tangible manifestation of their gratitude. It was touching. Honestly, at that moment I did not care what was inside that box. It could have been empty for all I care. I was just thankful that someone appreciated my work enough to go out of their way to get me something — even if it was just an empty box. That said, it was not, an empty box.

The box was a gift set from Gjusta, an artisanal bakery in Venice, CA that I had admittedly not previously heard about — but I am now stoked to check it out! The box included some seasonal espresso coffee beans, walnut honey, and my new favorite hipster mug. I cannot wait for the weekend to go purchase a coffee grinder and try this delicious-sounding coffee. The Ramdolfi Score of Gratitude: 10/10.

Tell me, have you ever been thanked for your work? Have you ever thanked anyone for their work? Do you grind your own coffee beans, or do you prefer to buy ground coffee?

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(Featured Image by: Mr. Ramdolfi)