The Front Yard

The Front Yard

There is a secret place in our neighborhood where we like to walk at night to relax. Sure, it is technically part of a hotel, but for us it is our spot.

Road to The Front Yard

Even the walk to our spot is relaxing. When it’s late enough and the cars are off the streets, we show our rebellious side and walk down the middle of the road.

We like to sit on the bench to the right, surrounded by lights, and enjoy the sound of the water falling in front of us. In a way, this is how we get nature in the city — with a dash of magic.

We even have ducks! They try to hide, but all those years of watching Duck Dynasty finally paid off! I absolutely love this hidden detail — the wife-elect however, is not amused.

We love this spot — our spot — for many reasons, including the fact that we finally had dinner here for our anniversary this year! Pro Tip: Try the Adobo French Fries, they were amazing!

Tell me, do you have a secret spot? Are you a nature-seeker, or do you stick to the city? Is night photography as challenging (yet incredibly fun) for you, as it is for me?

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(Featured Image by: Mr. Ramdolfi)