UCLA Centennial Year Alumni Day

UCLA Centennial Year Alumni Day

One hundred years ago, Los Angeles became the birthplace of what would become the No. 1 university in the United States. Ten years ago, I was honored to receive my acceptance letter. Last weekend, I had the privilege to celebrate our first century with my wife-elect — making for a memorable, unique, and truly once in a lifetime date.

The centennial year launch took place on Saturday, May 18, 2019 with UCLA’s Alumni Day, a TED Talk (TEDxUCLA), and a unique Projection Show at Royce Hall titled: Lighting the Way.

We arrived early for an event at my major’s department and spent the rest of the day navigating my alma mater. From our leisurely walk through the sculpture garden, to our shopping spree at the UCLA store, and a coffee stop, the buildup to the show was a lovely date in itself.

What began as an idea is now one of the greatest institutions in the world.”


After a full day of adventures, we made our way to Powell Library’s front steps around 7:30 PM to take a seat front and centered. The projector adjusted its custom grid on Royce Hall’s facade, and at 8:00 PM a one hour timer appeared in the middle.

After about an hour and a half of wiggling on Powell’s steps to maximize our comfort, the countdown was over, the lights went off, and the show began. A spectacular projection of our history, triumphs, and accomplishments, Lighting the Way was an inspirational beacon to the optimists that concluded with one last question: “How will you, light the way?”

Tell me, how will you make the world a better place? If given the opportunity, what would you change and why? What are your goals? How will you, light the way?

(Featured Image by: Mr. Ramdolfi)

UCLA: Royce Hall

UCLA: Royce Hall

In honor of my alma mater’s upcoming centennial celebration I present the most photographed building on campus, Royce Hall (perfect with its 52 imperfections). In 2017, this is where I would surprise-serenade my then best friend, now wife-elect, to ask her to be my girlfriend. There, at the top of the middle steps, dressed in a black suit with a dozen red roses and my guitar in hand, after nearly a decade, she said “yes.”