Porto’s Bakery & Café: Horchata Latte Review

In an unusual turn of events, it rained in Los Angeles — it has been raining lately actually, which for a state prone to fires, is a blessing in disguise. Regardless, a rainy day calls for a hot cup of coffee, and while we’re at it, why not some of Porto’s famous potato balls!? The only issue, the line.

Line of customers waiting to enter Porto’s to wait in line.

Hesitant to wait in Porto’s ever-present line, Ms. Dolfi and I decided that satisfying our craving for Cuban food was worth waiting in line. As such, we waited for nearly an hour, and we would do it all over again. In fact, I know we will. For those of you unfamiliar with this national treasure, Porto’s is a bakery in a level of its own. Decorated with chandeliers, marble tile, and one family’s legacy on its frames, Porto’s exudes elegance and commands the same respect that your grandma’s house beckoned as a child.

Porto’s Menu

With a large selection of Cuban sandwiches and beverages, Porto’s menu has something for anyone who enjoys flavor. This time around, I treated myself to an Horchata Latte, truly a liquid dessert. Inspired by Latin America’s most famous rice milk beverage, Porto’s Horchata Latte is as much coffee, as a hot dog is a sandwich. Sure, technically it is meat in between two buns, and sure, there are people out there who will back this conclusion. But in your heart of hearts, you know very well a hot dog will never be a sandwich. Likewise, this drinkable pastry is just that, a delicious concoction that resembles coffee, but in your heart of hearts, you know is not.

Review: The truth is that I cannot evaluate this delightful drink as a cup of coffee due to the aforementioned fact that it is coffee mostly by technicality. I can however, praise it as a creative and modern take on a traditional, ethnic, beloved beverage. This latte is a sweet, silky, smooth cup of comfort. It is a perfectly balanced glass of warm rice milk with a subtle aftertaste — a hint of coffee.

That said, Porto’s Horchata Latte is well worth the $4.25 for a large cup (or even the $3.59 for a small cup). Please note that the following score pertains to this beverage as an horchata drink, and not coffee. For an accurate coffee review I will have to return and, yes, get in line. The Ramdolfi Score: 7.2/10.

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