Aeirloom Bakery

You know when you wake up too late for breakfast but not enough for lunch, in the tradition of your typical Angelino (and New Yorker), you seek brunch. This bakery is the very definition, of brunch.

The ambiance is the first thing you will notice. Imagine a large family gathering at an estate back east for a long weekend, one with plenty of friends to share the good times. The type of gathering perfect to introduce your girlfriend to your parents, where everyone is having a great time.

Upon entering the house-looking building, with windows from wall to wall that illuminate the entire cafe with natural light, you encounter the friendliest of staff that promptly direct you to either a private table, a large communal table, or the juice bar. I requested a cup of black coffee and took a seat at the large table with strangers. They brought my cup and I began to write this review.

Review: It was only upon intently focusing on my beverage that I realized, the coffee was sadly unremarkable. Admittedly this cup, although surprisingly pleasant, was barely flavorful. What was remarkable about this experience however, was that given the ambiance, I almost forgot the coffee left much to be desired, almost.

At $2.75 a cup, I almost feel like I should adjust my rating, but this review is about taste, not price. Here’s the thing though, Aeirloom Bakery gets an A+ grading overall, but the coffee itself is a different story — hopefully it was just an old brew and I’ll have better luck next time. The Ramdolfi Score: 3/10.

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(Featured Image by: Mr. Ramdolfi)

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