Have A Lovely Weekend

Good morning caffeinated nation — it’s morning somewhere in the world. I hope your weekend is wonderful thus far! Today we wanted to share a dash of positivity by sharing our morning.

Full disclosure, I am not sure that I subscribe to karma (a concept that can be summarized with “what goes around comes around“). But I am a firm believer in treating others as you would like to be treated.

At the same time, I think it’s a good idea to add positivity into the world, without expecting anything in return. It’s just a better way of life. As such, this morning Wife was the recipient of this weekend’s first random act of kindness.

After a long week at work, we were happy to sleep in today. But our four-legged feline had other plans. She jumped ferociously across the bed waking us up to serve her breakfast, which wife generously took care of — that’s when inspiration struck.

It occurred to me to brighten Wife’s day with some flapjacks for breakfast! She loves it when I cook them for her, and today was not the exception. Kodiak Cakes’ 100% whole grain mix, milk, and an egg mixed and cooked in a buttered griddle, yielded the delicious breakfast above.

I was happy to see Wife happy. Now we venture into our weekend thankful for each other. Quick appreciation note, I love the “Hubby” coffee mug (pictured) that she surprised me with earlier this week. Thank you amazing, loving, thoughtful wife!

Tell me, what are your plans for the weekend? Do you like to sleep in, or wake up early to seize the day? What is your favorite topping on flapjacks?

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(Featured Image by: Mr. Ramdolfi)

33 thoughts on “Have A Lovely Weekend

  1. I love that you love her to be happy. I’m awake before husband & one of my favourite starts to the weekend is to lie in bed reading with his arm around me. He also makes me breakfast – fabulous.

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  2. My husband has (thankfully) never cooked for me though he is in charge of drinks and makes a mean Aperol Spritz. We like to spend our week-ends cycling, pottering about the Cote d’Azur and me cooking whatever’s good in the market.

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  3. Our cat always gets me up around 5.30am. I can generally have another snooze before making my way to the kitchen. We enjoy cold, rainy weekend mornings by starting the morning with a cup of espresso coffee, breakfast in bed and reading snuggled into the blankets for a couple of hours….no rush its the weekend and it’s raining!

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  4. Hi Mr. R., it’s been a long time I know! How’s married life these days? Last time we talked you were still single. Maple syrup on flapjacks, or my own homemade blueberry syrup! Haven’t had the blueberry syrup for a while since I prefer wild blueberries and it was a poor season this year so didn’t get any. I prefer getting up early no matter what! And on a side note, meandering around the Cote d’Azure is fabulous! Hope you are having a great week!😃😺🌞

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    1. Steve! It’s so good to hear from you! I’ve been meaning to make a trip to Steve’s Country for a while now! Please pardon my absence, ever since the wedding I have been a bit busy. In fact, I’ve mostly used my spare time to respond to comments. I’ll make a visit soon for sure! Also, that homemade blueberry syrup sounds delicious! Thank you for your comment! I hope you and Muffin have a fantastic week! 😄

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      1. Hey, good to see your still around! Yes, I imagine things are a bit different now that you are married, but nothing wrong with that! Sounds like you are enjoying married life, that’s the main thing! Fall has arrived here, cold and rainy today, it’s giving Muffin a lot of energy though! Hope your week is great too!😃😺

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      2. Indeed, I love my wife and married life. Thank you for asking, Steve. 😊

        Fall came early! Though you did mention summers were short up north! I do love cold rainy days with a cup of coffee. I can totally picture Muffin making the most of a rainy day! Haha 😄

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      3. Fall does come early up here, often by mid August like this year. Sometimes not till the end of August. But I sure hope winter doesn’t come so early this year. Normally winter arrives in early November, last year it was Oct. 9! Seven months of winter is just too much! Yes, Muffin does get active on these cooler days. Yesterday our high was 58F. Have a great day!😃😺🌞

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      4. Hmm, the weather sounds great, not sure I could handle a city that big though! But it certainly is worth considering! Can’t remember if I mentioned before, but Ilona is back with a new blog, I know you followed her before.😃😺🍁🍂🌲

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