It is almost incomprehensible that it has been three years since I last sat down to write a about the latest cup of joe. On one hand life has a tendency to get in the way, but on the other, this was truly a once in a generation collective pause. One which some were able to overcome quickly, but one that most of us took longer to process. Before I knew it, years had passed without so much as a single word on this page.

I will be honest, it has been a difficult journey over the past few years. Much like with most if not all of us, we faced our fair share of challenges and setbacks, and at times it seemed like the weight of the world was bearing down on us. But through it all we persevered, and while we may have been away, we never lost the spark that ignited our passion for writing and sharing our thoughts with others.

So, why now? Why choose this moment to come back to Caffeinated in LA and press unpause?

The truth is, that no matter how difficult life may seem at times, it is always possible to come back from even the toughest of challenges. And I believe that one of the keys to doing so is to find something that brings us joy and occasionally meaning in our lives.

For me, that something has always been spending time with loved ones, enjoying a cup of black coffee, and of course, writing. It’s a way for us to express ourselves, to connect with others, and to find clarity in the chaos and unpredictability of life. As such, we are taking the leap and coming back to our corner of the internet to share our thoughts and experiences with all of you once more.

I know that it will not be easy, and there will undoubtedly be days when we want to throw in the towel. But I also know that the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that comes from creating something and sharing it with the world is worth any struggles that may come with it.

So here’s to unpausing and to the journey that lies ahead. Thank you for joining us on this next chapter of our caffeinated journey. We cannot wait to see what the future holds.


The Ramdolfis

(Featured Image by: Pexels)

3 thoughts on “Unpause

  1. Welcome back Mr. R! It was terrible losing you way back when, it has been a long time. I do hope you will stay with us and thanks for coming around to read once more too! Have a great weekend you two!😃😺☕☕❄️❄️

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