The Bachelor Party: Melrose Umbrella Co.

The Bachelor Party: Melrose Umbrella Co.

This is it, the last night out with the boys before the wedding! I know what you’re thinking: “Here comes a narrative not unlike the synopsis for the 2009 film comprised of alcohol-induced adventures staring Bradley Cooper.” Sure, it very well could have been the next installment of The Hangover, but that would have been too easy. Instead, I asked my best man to forgo the staples — scantily clad ladies, debauchery, and iniquity — and focus on slightly more sophisticated libation-filled activities.

That said, the gentlemen succeeded in making this a night for the books. Our preface begins at my apartment where I welcomed the gents with some home-made pizza and my absolute favorite beer: Delirium Tremens. After a couple of hours of catching up on life, we would take an uber toward Hollywood where the night would begin.

I should mention that I had no idea what was going to happen this night. I enjoy surprises and frankly, going with the flow. So I left every part of it in the very capable hands of my trusted friends. A 10-minute drive south later, we arrived at our first stop, Melrose Umbrella Co. Since I no longer go out to bars as I did just a few years ago, I was unfamiliar with this venue, as I admittedly am with most of the nightlife in my neighborhood.

From the moment we arrived, I could tell why the gents chose this location to begin the night. It is classy, contemporary, and slightly hipster, adjectives that (I hope) very well could describe me. The umbrella part also reminds me of “how i met your mother,” but that could just me. By all means, it was a great choice!

It was 5:30 PM, the perfect time to start a tab. Longtime reader of this blog and anyone reading its title will know that I have a devoted commitment to coffee. To you I say, “yes, I did order coffee.” Or at least I tried, to my dismay I learned that they stop serving coffee at 5:00 PM. After a brief moment of silence, I proceeded to order the first beer. After a few drinks that included a modern twist on a classic called “The Perfect Manhattan,” we were on our way to stop número dos.

Tell me, what’s your favorite beer? Do you prefer a fun night out at the bar or a relaxing night at home? Have you ever been to Melrose Umbrella Co.?

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(Featured Image by: Mr. Ramdolfi)