Hollywood Hills

Hollywood Hills

Today’s photograph of Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills (and the 101) is brought to you by Mrs. Ramdolfi. It was actually a last minute occurrence. We suddenly realized that we were driving through a fantastic vantage point, and simply had to stop the car to take a picture — it’s ok, there weren’t any cars behind us.

A stunning wife photographing Los Angeles

The wife quickly jumped out of the car, and with her DSLR in hand, she took a brief moment to compose the perfect shot. Naturally, I took advantage of the situation to capture the most beautiful sight in all of Los Angeles, her.

Mrs. Ramdolfi’s photograph of the 101 through Hollywood Hills

Satisfied with her capture, she hopped back in the car right on time to resume traffic before other vehicles could approach us. It is moments like this one that make me appreciate the green grass in our own backyard.

Tell me, do you ever take a moment to appreciate the beauty in your own neighborhood?

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(Featured Image by: Mr. Ramdolfi)