Hollywood Hills

Today’s photograph of Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills (and the 101) is brought to you by Mrs. Ramdolfi. It was actually a last minute occurrence. We suddenly realized that we were driving through a fantastic vantage point, and simply had to stop the car to take a picture — it’s ok, there weren’t any cars behind us.

A stunning wife photographing Los Angeles

The wife quickly jumped out of the car, and with her DSLR in hand, she took a brief moment to compose the perfect shot. Naturally, I took advantage of the situation to capture the most beautiful sight in all of Los Angeles, her.

Mrs. Ramdolfi’s photograph of the 101 through Hollywood Hills

Satisfied with her capture, she hopped back in the car right on time to resume traffic before other vehicles could approach us. It is moments like this one that make me appreciate the green grass in our own backyard.

Tell me, do you ever take a moment to appreciate the beauty in your own neighborhood?

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(Featured Image by: Mr. Ramdolfi)

21 thoughts on “Hollywood Hills

  1. We spent one afternoon in Hollywood and it was a very unique experience. I think that you are very lucky to live in LA. Fun fact: There are more people living in California than in Canada.

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      1. We had a layover in LA and since we had the afternoon to kill, we decided to see the Hollywood stars walk of fame. I remember stopping at Marshals to get some last-minute things for Singapore. We also went to the wax museum.

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      2. That sounds like a very productive use of your layover! The most I’ve ever done on a layover has been watching a movie on my laptop. Lol I’ve never been to the wax museum, but I’ve driven by it multiple times. What did you think of it?

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      3. Personally, I found the wax museum to be a little overrated but it was one of those things I just had to do. It’s worth going once for the experience but I don’t plan on going back to the wax museum. Would I go back to Hollywood? Definitely. 🙂

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      4. No worries! That’s a great souvenir! My dad used to always lose his keys, so every time I went to a different country and/or city I would buy him a key chain to incentivize him to not lose his keys. He ended up putting all of the key chains on a display instead. Lol

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      5. That’s very clever of your dad lol We do this too, except we buy magnets for a different country and/or city. I’m very OCD when it comes to magnets and don’t like them being weird shapes. Magnets have to be a certain type and shape. We have a few weirdly shaped magnets and it bugs me every time I walk past my fridge. 🙄

        The Hollywood keychain also has Rebecca’s name on it but I use it. People often think my name is Rebecca so it’s a good conversation starter. The chances of me finding a keychain with my name on it is practically non-existent. 😂

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      6. I’m the same way! Besides the key chains for my dad, I also get porcelain replicas of iconic buildings for my mom. Each of these need to be of similar size and composition. My mom does not care, she appreciates them either way, but I care. Lol And that IS an awesome conversation starter! Love it! 😄


    1. Thank you! 😄 I know what you mean! That and so many times we have seen the perfect sunset or a stunning flower but we don’t have our camera with us. Then there’s the times when we have to choose between capturing the moment or enjoying it. I think that overall it is better to enjoy and live the moment anyway. 😄

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