Drive Through Car Wash

With all of the wedding planning throughout the past few weeks, we may have neglected some domestic upkeep, including the car. Now that we are getting back on track, we drove to a much needed car wash.

As a quick side note, I used to love these as a child! I always found them to be exciting for some reason. I think my youthful imagination turned a car wash into a space adventure. Even now, I can kind of see the soap resembling stars, the rotating brushes simulating light speed, and the rinse off being condensation from an unexplored foreign atmosphere — I guess I still have some imagination.

The Ramdolfis enjoying a space adventure together

It may not be the most interesting adventure thus far, but it does highlight an important aspect of the LA lifestyle, everyone drives. Perhaps more people would take public transportation if there was a better infrastructure in place, which is not built because people drive. It’s a vicious cycle, one that I believe the electric vehicle revolution will address.

The impeccably clean Ramdolfi-mobile

In the meantime, we compromise with our hybrid Prius — our squeaky clean Prius. At 50+ miles per gallon, it is a great vehicle! At least until the day we can afford a Tesla, someday.

Tell me, do you prefer to drive or take public transportation? Do you have options where you live, or are you limited like us Angelinos? How often do you wash you car?

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(Featured Image by: Hilary Halliwell)

3 thoughts on “Drive Through Car Wash

  1. I loved car washes as a child (and still do), we used to call them the “aliens” with my sister, pretty similar to the space flight hahaha 😂 I’m ashamed to say that my car is far from being squeaky clean as yours…!

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