Drive Through Car Wash

Drive Through Car Wash

With all of the wedding planning throughout the past few weeks, we may have neglected some domestic upkeep, including the car. Now that we are getting back on track, we drove to a much needed car wash.

As a quick side note, I used to love these as a child! I always found them to be exciting for some reason. I think my youthful imagination turned a car wash into a space adventure. Even now, I can kind of see the soap resembling stars, the rotating brushes simulating light speed, and the rinse off being condensation from an unexplored foreign atmosphere — I guess I still have some imagination.

The Ramdolfis enjoying a space adventure together

It may not be the most interesting adventure thus far, but it does highlight an important aspect of the LA lifestyle, everyone drives. Perhaps more people would take public transportation if there was a better infrastructure in place, which is not built because people drive. It’s a vicious cycle, one that I believe the electric vehicle revolution will address.

The impeccably clean Ramdolfi-mobile

In the meantime, we compromise with our hybrid Prius — our squeaky clean Prius. At 50+ miles per gallon, it is a great vehicle! At least until the day we can afford a Tesla, someday.

Tell me, do you prefer to drive or take public transportation? Do you have options where you live, or are you limited like us Angelinos? How often do you wash you car?

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(Featured Image by: Hilary Halliwell)

Experiencing the Future of Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Experiencing the Future of Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Imagine getting in your car to go to work, on the back seat. You open an app on your phone and press the button that will command your electric vehicle to autonomously and safely drive you to work — during which you may get a head start on emails, enjoy a massage, watch the morning news, or even resume your well-deserved sleep. This is a future only found in the pages of Sci-Fi books with the likes of Orson Scott Card, or their adaptations to the silver screen.

Historically, electric vehicles (or “EVs”) have been an unsustainable luxury primarily due to their range limitations and high prices, until now. We are quickly entering the modern electric vehicle era brought to us by the generational revolution that industry titans have been fighting for decades; and I for one, am beyond excited for the future of transportation. I have driven a Model S, and it is great! But Tesla is only the beginning. After its 5 year struggle and subsequent 10 year rocky path to success, Tesla has proven the industry that the world is ready for EVs. As such, every major player has an EV project in the pipelines. But today I want to write not of the plans of what we’ve seen before, but of what is to come: EV startups.

In the past few years there have been a number of EV startups showing up across California alone; including, but not limited to Lucid Motors, Canoo (formerly known as EVelozcity), and Faraday Future. Each of these startups promise to rethink the future of mobility the way Tesla once promised to rethink the combustion vehicle. Today, I am privileged to provide insights into one of these unreleased future vehicles. When I left my law firm job not too long ago, I had plenty of reasons to join a startup. However, the perks were not one of them. I did not even think of the perks that came with working at a startup until after I had joined. Sure, I enjoy being paid to eat pizza and drink beer while listening to the Department VP present on company updates as much as the next guy, but the ability to experience the future before anyone else, is something entirely different.

That, was exactly what happened this week. A select few of us were introduced to the latest and most complete gamma vehicle available. Then, we experienced it. First and foremost, it was fast, as in very fast. No, you’re not listening, it was a trip to the chiropractor fast. It was 0-60 in just over 2 seconds, but it felt like the blink of an eye (and it sounded like a spaceship). Then was its luxurious feel. With their premium materials and ergonomic design, the seats felt like a warm hug. Finally, there were the electronics, which reminded me of that old “Yo Dawg” meme originated from the even older MTV Pimp My Ride show with Xzibit. I could picture it clearly: “Yo Dawg, I heard you like screens, so I put screens in your screens so you can watch your stuff while you watch your stuff.” With screens in front of almost every seat, every seat was desirable, not to mention spacious. This EV will mark the end of “shotgun” and “not-in-the-middle!” There is no middle seat to begin with, only comfortable, internet-enabled, experiences. Fully inspired by the EV of tomorrow, my tour came to an end, and I sadly resigned myself to waiting at least one more year until I can purchase this EV on the market.

EVs are undoubtedly the future. They are environmentally friendly and can break our dependence on foreign oil, which incentivizes both ends of the political spectrum to embrace them. They are desirable, cost-efficient, and long-lasting, which places capitalism on their team. They are the future of autonomous, safe, ride-sharing, which is expected to reduce congestion on the streets and thus earns every Angelino’s attention. As such, everyone has a reason to look forward to the future, even if it is just to see the Sci-Fi books and movies we grew up with play out in real life before our very own eyes.

(Featured Image by: Kaique Rocha)