UCLA Political Science Alumni Day Event

A decade ago I became a UCLA Bruin eager to study politics. I now return to campus as an alumnus with a degree in Political Science (with a concentration in International Relations).

The wife-elect and I attended UCLA’s Political Science department first Alumni Day Event, and it was great! The room was filled with alumni of all ages united by a passion for politics and our love for our alma mater. After some coffee and conversations, we departed with matching mementos courtesy of the department.

Tell me, what was your major? Are you still passionate for the subjects you studied? Do you attend reunions and alumni events?

(Featured Image by: Mr. Ramdolfi)

11 thoughts on “UCLA Political Science Alumni Day Event

  1. I am now retired after a teaching career of 40 years. I taught high school business and later middle school computer applications. My undergraduate studies took place at Montana State University.

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    1. Wow! That’s impressive! I have so much respect for teachers. My mother was a teacher and I tried it after undergrad as well. Until that point, I had no idea just how much work goes into a profession so undervalued yet vital to society. If God ever allows me to hold elected office, the first thing I will do will be fund our schools. Thank you for investing back in our country and for sharing your story.

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