Date Night Watching Avengers Endgame, Again

In case you’ve been held hostage in a cave for the past few weeks the way Tony Stark was over a decade ago, spoiler alert!

We have been closely following the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) from its inception back in 2008, watching it unfold one movie at a time in theaters. Even then, we watched every movie again leading up to Infinity War, and then proceeded to impatiently wait for Endgame — which we watched on opening weekend at Universal Studios’ City Walk!

Needless to say, it was incredible! With references to its preceding films, going all the way back to the original Iron Man with Tony Stark’s last words “I am Iron Man,” every scene was thrilling — and some were iconic. I am sure Captain America wielding Mjölnir will go down in history as a once in a lifetime theatrical experience! The theater roared! We all cheered, cried, laughed, and experienced every emotion in between.

If there was one complaint at the end of the movie, it is that it was not long enough! And that is after fully acknowledging the 3 hour and 2 minute runtime. It was so great, we wanted to watch it again, so we did! This time we went to an ArcLight Cinema which was playing Endgame in at least 7 theaters, and had paintings and screens on the walls showing Endgame’s superheroes!

This was such a fun date! Given our upcoming wedding, we have been beyond frugal this past year. But it is important for us to make time for and allocate a budget to date night, even if it is just a movie. After all, my best friend may be about to become my wife, but she has not ceased to be the woman I’m dating — hence date night!

Tell me, do you go to the movies for date night? Have you watched Endgame yet, and how many times? Which MCU movie is your favorite?

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(Featured Image by: Mr. Ramdolfi)

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