The Walk-Through

There is just over a week left before “I do!” Let me rephrase that, we are getting married next week! We are beyond excited! Everything is (finally) starting to fall into place. As we wrap up the final details, we visited our wedding venue for the walk-through.

It took us several months of research and visits across LA in search of the perfect wedding venue to find Orcutt Ranch late last year. It feels like just last week that we were giving our down payment, and now we are visiting one last time with our vendors to take care of the details.

After over a year of planning, the walk-through was rather straightforward, which was a great confirmation that our plan is coming together! We are equally excited for the amazing vendors we were able to secure. Although, even if we had the most simple tables, chairs, and meals, Orcutt’s stunning flora, fauna, and architecture would make our wedding memorable!

We love everything about our venue! From the beautiful gazebo, to the rose garden, to the ceremony site surrounded with greenery, Orcutt Ranch is a godsend! It alone already makes the wedding incredible, but it is the right woman what makes it perfect.

Tell me, how long did it take you to find the right venue? Do you prefer indoor or outdoor venues? What is the most important aspect of choosing a venue for you?

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(Featured Image by: Mr. Ramdolfi)

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