At Last, The Wedding Vows

If you’re reading this, I have just spoken the following vows to my wife.

Over a decade ago I walked into a youth group for the first time. That Wednesday night God introduced me to the most amazing girl I would ever meet. The type that you never forget, no matter the time, or distance. That night was the first step in the journey that would bring us to this very moment, and what a journey it has been.

I will not narrate every chapter of our story, mainly because I was told I only had 5 minutes, tops. I will however highlight, that you were always the first I would visit on my random unsolicited drives to friends’ houses in high school. You were always the first I would invite to every one of my fraternity’s date events during college. And you were always the first I would talk about with my friends in New York. You were always there, even when you weren’t. I am privileged to call you my friend, let alone my best friend.

Before today I sincerely believed people said I married my best friend because it sounded sweet. I mean up until you, each of these men had held that title. I must admit that asking a friend out was a foreign concept to me, which only made that night at Royce Hall all the more daunting. But for some unexplainable reason you said yes, twice. To say that I am blessed would be an understatement of unprecedented proportions.

But for once, enough about me. Love, you are, everything. You are loving, faithful, and kind. You are selfless, the likes of which I have only read in the Bible. You are caring, compassionate, and empathetic. You always put others before yourself, and you are the first to offer a helping hand, even when it’s inconvenient, specially when it’s inconvenient. You are intelligent, stunning, and much, much more than I have time to share. You are unlike anyone I have ever met. You are the love of my life.

Today, I vow to put you before myself. Hold and cherish, sickness and health, I vow to love you with the full force of my relentless narcissism. To do everything I can to make you as happy as you make me. To be the man that you deserve, and the one you need. To support, encourage, and inspire you. To be your partner, til death do us part. I pray that God gives me the wisdom to be the best husband, for who I already know will be the best wife.

Love, I have never been accused of lacking confidence, and as such I can say, I have never been more confident about anything else in my life, than us. I am thankful for the past 11 years of friendship and I look forward to a lifetime of marriage. I look forward to all of it! From building a family and growing old together, to sharing my shirts with you, spending 30 minutes to an hour recreating that scene from the Notebook every time I ask you what you want for dinner, and getting up to open the window, even though I had just gotten comfortable.

In all seriousness, I look forward to the adventure of a lifetime with you by my side, as one, under God. I love you, Mrs. Ramdolfi.

Introducing, Mr. & Mrs. Ramdolfi

(Featured Image by: Mr. Ramdolfi)

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