Groundhog Day

Happy Groundhog Day! Well, belated groundhog day; that is unless you are Bill Murray in the 1993 classic and you woke up today to the realization that it is yesterday, again. For those of you who have never heard about Groundhog Day, you are not alone. I was not aware of this silly though hilariously fun tradition until I went to the Broadway show in New York back in 2017 — great adaptation with an excellent arrangement by the way!

If you have never seen the movie or the musical — which revolves around a self-centered journalist stuck reliving the same day in a town he considers beneath him until he learns to be a better person — Groundhog Day is a North American tradition celebrated each February 2nd in which should a groundhog see it’s shadow, winter will resume for another six weeks.

You read that right, each year we gather around and tune in to the weather forecasting predictions of a rodent! A couple of rodents actually: In the United States we observe the work of famed meteorologist Punxsutawney Phil; and in Quebec, Canada it is Fred La Marmotte.

Are these predictions accurate in any way? Absolutely not — in fact, depending on where you live you may have better odds by flipping a coin. Is there any scientific merit to these forecasts? Also, no. Does this tradition make any sense? Still no. Do we tune in every year anyway because it’s wholesome fun? Absolutely!

With this context in mind, I noticed that my favorite coffee brand Peet’s Coffee took to Instagram to join in on the fun! So I commented with one of my absolute favorite cups of all time: Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend, black.

Now long-time readers will know just how much I love Peet’s Coffee, so it will come at no surprise when their response yielded all the validation I could have asked for in this caffeinated journey —it’s like they understand me. That or they have a good marketing intern managing their social network accounts. In either case, I raise a cup to you Peet’s: to cold days with warm drinks, cheers! ☕

Alas, we may be looking at six more weeks of winter, or not (or perhaps even more) but at least we have fun traditions and freshly brewed cups to keep us warm! And if you find yourself bundled up under warm blankets wondering what to watch this weekend, please allow me to recommend Groundhog Day. It’s a fun movie with a good message and a wholesome reminder to be kind to one another — a reminder that in my experience we could all use from time to time.

Tell me, do you “celebrate” Groundhog Day; or perhaps a better question would be, have you heard of Groundhog Day before? Do you think we’ll see a longer winter this year? What’s your favorite cup of coffee?

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(Featured Image by: Oleg Mikhailenko)

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