Las Vegas | Topgolf

Still on the same Friday I arrived in Vegas for the Best Man’s Bachelor Party, and after a series of competitive sport events at MGM’s Level Up, we made our way to MGM’s Topgolf for even more athletic fun.

Topgolf is an indoor elevated platform from which players golf into targets below. Imagine a frat guy thinking: “What if we combine golf with a bowling alley and serve beer!?” That’s effectively Topgolf — and it’s awesome!

After ordering an overpriced pitcher and some nachos, we proceeded to spend the next couple of hours swinging clubs with all of our strength and virtually no skill. We may not have a career in professional golf ahead of us, but we sure had fun playing!

We swung and swung until the sun went down, and then we swung some more. In fact, we swung so much that — unbeknownst to me — my shoulder would be sore the following day.

Suddenly, the darkness of night had descended upon us and the bright lights made their debut. But this night we would rest for the following we might not. Exhausted and under the influence of a good time, we headed back to the room.


Tell me, have you ever been to Topgolf? Have you ever golfed in general? What about mini-golf?

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(Featured Image by: Mr. Ramdolfi)

9 thoughts on “Las Vegas | Topgolf

  1. It’s the first time I hear about something like Topgolf! The view must’ve been amazing 😊 I tried mini-golf a few times and I liked it but there are usually too many kids running around hahaha. Also, you made me incredibly hungry with the nachos 😂

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    1. It was amazing! I totally understand! There was a hidden mini-golf on Pier 25 in NYC. I used to love going there all the time, and there were not a lot of children. It was never very busy either, which is surprising for NYC. Also, I could go for some nachos right now. 😂

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