The Bachelor Party: Antonio’s Restaurant

A few libations in, the gents and I left our table at Melrose Umbrella Co., and headed right across the street for the second stop of the night: Antonio’s Restaurant. I think the guys somehow figured out that I like chandeliers because we were now at two for two!

The first thing we noticed upon entering Antonio’s was an elderly man sitting in the corner of the narrow reception area, who welcomed us before a server directed us to our booth. Slightly confused by our introduction to the restaurant, it took us a minute to realize that that must have been Antonio! We then received our menus and saw the image of the same man who welcomed us — decades younger. It was inspiring!

I think the goal was to get Mexican food (perhaps a burrito) but instead had: beer! Specifically, we had Modelos. For someone who once spent the better half of a decade south of the border, and presently lives in Los Angeles, I’m actually not sure I had ever had a Modelo before. It was alright, bread-like. We also had chips and salsa.

Half-way through our conversation, surprise! My college roommate joined us! I was honored that my fraternity brother made the 3-hour trip to Hollywood for me. Having true friends who are there for you even after several years of having had parted ways, is one of the best things in life. Without a doubt, everyone’s presence at the table this night was the greatest present I could have received.

Once the bachelor party crew had been fully assembled, we finished our beers, and decided to move on to stop number three for some authentic LA hot dogs.

Tell me, do you like Mexican food? If you had to choose, would you rather have a burrito or a hot dog? How far would you drive to go see a friend?

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(Featured Image by: Mr. Ramdolfi)

5 thoughts on “The Bachelor Party: Antonio’s Restaurant

  1. Yes, I like Mexican food. I would rather have a burrito than a hot dog and would readily drive up to 10 hours to see a friend. Hope you had a great evening.

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