The Bachelor Party: Pink’s Hot Dogs

As the night descended upon us, and several libations in from both Melrose Umbrella Co. and Antonio’s Restaurant, the gents and I headed for a signature LA bite just around the corner: Pink’s Hot Dogs! “A Hollywood legend since 1939” — according to their slogan — Pink’s has been a favorite of mine since my UCLA days.

Pink’s also holds a special place in my heart, as it is one of the few places I took my soon-to-be wife on a pseudo date several years before I even started courting her — although I am not sure the gents knew that.

Pink’s is the place to get an awesome hot dog in Los Angeles. Known for their never-ending long line, unique creations, and of course, flavor-packed hot dogs, Pink’s offers Hollywood-themed entrees beyond your average chili cheese dog. Think hot dog with guac, jalapeños, bacon, mushrooms, grilled pastrami, nacho cheese, or all of the above. Popular favorites include the Giant 12″ Jalapeño dog, the Brando dog, and the Lord of the Rings dog — which is topped with onion rings.

They also have seasonal creations often named after famous actors and movies, including my choice for the night, the La La Land dog. The reason for it, part of La La Land was filmed at our wedding venue — a fact that I discovered after we had selected Orcutt Ranch as our venue! La La Land, besides being an amazing movie (that I got to see in theaters with the wife-elect) and providing a great fun fact for our venue, also inspires a delicious hot dog!

Only now do I realize that I should have taken a picture of my La La Land dog. Alas, I was too distracted having an awesome time with the gents that I devoured my hot dog before I even had a chance. The best I could do was take a picture of their menu — unfortunately not all seasonal creations are listed.

Pink’s, despite the lack of libations, was my favorite stop of the night thus far! My friends know me rather well! That or they lucked out in choosing where to take me. We spent some time in the backyard area reminiscing about our days in high school and college, enjoying our hot dogs, and because I am fond of spice, eating pepperoncini. Before I knew it, we were on another uber on our way to the fourth destination of the night.

Tell me, have you ever had this type of hot dog? What do you like on your hot dog? Do you have a tolerance for spice?

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(Featured Image by: Mr. Ramdolfi)

4 thoughts on “The Bachelor Party: Pink’s Hot Dogs

  1. I think I never had a proper hot dog (I think I only ate one at Ikea hahaha), it’s incredible how many choices you have here! I totally understand that you didn’t take the picture of the hot dog, I always forget to take pictures of my food and I remember to do it only after eating most of it…! Concerning the spice I have 0 tolerance, my eyes start to cry and my mouth to burn even with the slightest hint of it! Great post! 😁

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    1. Thank you for your comment! You must have had a hot dog in New York, that’s as proper as it gets! Sanitary? Probably not. But is it delicious? Absolutely! Haha Pink’s is definitely unique when it comes to their repertoire. But you can never go wrong with a ketchup and mustard dog. 😋

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