Las Vegas | Level Up

After arriving in Las Vegas for the Best Man’s Bachelor Party, we dropped off our luggage at our room in the MGM hotel. Our first stop of the day was a next-level arcade within the MGM aptly named, Level Up.


Before I proceed to describe the libation-filled events of the weekend, and for those readers under the age of 21 (in the United States), I would like to state clearly that I do not endorse underage drinking. In fact, I myself did not begin drinking until around 23 — needless to say, in moderation. Frankly, it took me a while to acquire the taste for it. That said, I do not think alcohol is inherently bad. If it was, I don’t think Jesus would have turned water into wine. The abusive consumption of alcohol on the other hand, well that can be problematic. In conclusion, drink responsibly. Now back to our story.

Level Up, a sports-themed arcade, could not have been a more appropriate way of inaugurating the Best Man’s bachelor party. He has always been among the most athletic of us, and to this day, remains the most fit. I like to think it’s genetics, and to an extent I’m sure it is, but credit where credit’s due. The man loves sports! For that reason, Level Up was perfect!


Appropriately, the first priority was to acquire beverages and ensure that the man of the hour was never empty-handed. Upon securing some Blue Moon tallboys (that would be 24oz cans for those international readers), we began with a classic sport, beer pong.

═════ 1. Beer Pong ═════

Our first competition was all about hand-eye coordination — reminiscent of our high school tennis days. A game designed to intoxicate you, and a classic at just about every fraternity in America, Beer Pong is generally guaranteed to yield a fun competitive time. In this case, there was an emphasis on competitive. Cup after cup, we competed fiercely, and after 2 rounds, we were tied leaving the 3rd game for another time.

═════ 2. Basketball ═════

The second sport of the afternoon was actually the Best Man’s favorite sport, Basketball. This is where we deviate. While he is a talented player, and actually made the team back in the day, I could not play to save my life. I love it, I’m just not that good at it.

═════ 3. Billiards ═════

Moving on to sport No. 3, billiards! Fortunately, I am mildly skilled at billiards (or pool). However, after a few drinks, it is less about skill and more about luck. Either way, a fun time — that is, until your teammate makes the 8 Ball ahead of time. That’s ok though, the night was young and we would have plenty of opportunities to redeem ourselves.

═════ 4. Hockey ═════

Lastly, Level Up has a version of foosball that I had never seen before, a Hockey foosball. This sport had somewhat of a steep learning curve, but once I got the hang of it, it became my personal favorite. At this point, competition had turned into camaraderie, and we now played for the fun of it.

═════ 5. Pizza ═════

Pizza is not a sport — I think. But it is a fantastic way to restore some sobriety after an afternoon of endless libations. As such, we headed to a pizzeria for a slice of ‘za. The soon-to-be groom approved with a 2 Thumbs Up rating.


MGM’s Level Up was a success! We were able to relive our competitive days without the stress of making it to finals. We competed, we consumed libations, and we had a fun time — and this was just the first stop. The day would resume with, you guessed it, more sports. Coming up next, Topgolf.

Tell me, are you a competitive person? Have you ever played beer pong? What do you think of drinking alcohol and what role does it play in your country’s culture?

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(Featured Image by: Mr. Ramdolfi)

18 thoughts on “Las Vegas | Level Up

  1. Pizza isn’t a sport.but helps regains all.the calories lost doing the other sports u mentioned
    Glad you all had so much fun.And perfect advice..drink responsibly.
    Best wishes for ur friend once again.

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  2. Like you said, alcohol is ok in moderation.
    Unfortunately I started drinking at 16….not a good thing while still at school. I had a part time job after school and after work some of the older guys would take me to the pub for a beer or 3. That was the beginning. I was a mess….had my parents worried for a while. Common sense prevailed eventually. UK drinking age is 18, as is New Zealand’s. Maybe 20 would be wiser. AND heavier penalties for bars who serve under aged drinkers.
    Glad you guys had a fun time though. Love the photos. The bar looks great.

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