Las Vegas | New York Coffee

An underground trip, a journey across the desert, the arrival in Las Vegas, a series of competitive events, a night of golf, and a lazy river later, it was time to refuel. Some of us went to the MGM buffet, the rest of the party went to Shake Shack. But more importantly, coffee was overdue.

If you have not been to Las Vegas, you may not know that the MGM hotel (where we stayed during this trip) is next to the New York-New York — a hotel and casino designed after New York City. Incidentally, this was my first time at the New York-New York since living in New York City for a few years. As such, I could not resist visiting for a cup of joe.

Review: The first thing to notice about this cafe, and hotel for that matter, is that it truly resembles New York — but more on that later. However, the coffee itself was not necessarily New York-like. In fact, it had an uncanny Seattle familiarity. That is because it tasted exactly like Starbucks’ Pike roast. So much so that, while I did not see a “we proudly serve Starbucks coffee” sign, a blind test would suggest this to be the case. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just not great.

At $4.75 a large cup, it is evident that you are paying the Las Vegas strip location premium — that, or they modeled their pricing after New York City. Price aside, this cup is acceptable. It is not dreadful, but it most certainly is not memorable. It’s just ok. Like I said, it’s effectively a cup of Starbucks’ Pike. The Ramdolfi Score: 5/10.

Upon acquiring this cup of coffee, I nostalgically gazed at the signature architecture around me before returning to the bachelor party that was still finishing their burgers. I found myself smiling. It was the stage from another life, but that’s a story for another blog.


Tell me, have you ever been to the New York-New York? Have you ever been to New York, New York? Are you ever transported to times past by the sight of familiar places?

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(Featured Image by: Mr. Ramdolfi)

4 thoughts on “Las Vegas | New York Coffee

  1. Never been to Vegas…been to NYC twice. Once way back in 1986 when I backpacked coast to coast and back again over a 6 month period and once in 2011. Highlight was central park in summer. Loved getting away from the hot crowded streets, wandering around in the shade if the trees listening to the buskers….coffee in hand of course.

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