Las Vegas | The Night Out

An underground trip, a journey across the desert, the arrival in Las Vegas, a series of competitive events, a night of golf, a lazy river, and some familiar coffee later, it was time to go out. This, would be the classic bachelor party night. Our venue of choice? The Marquee.

If you attended a U.S. university with Greek life and “thirsty Thursdays,” then chances are that you are familiar with the scene. Men wearing button-downs that they would otherwise normally not wear, women wearing formfitting outfits that beckon pneumonia on any given night, and an overflow of overpriced beverages, including water — specially water. Add a secret ingredient, and it’s a recipe for legendary night. That ingredient of course, is friends.

In just about any other context, it would be an undesirable situation. A hot room filled with sweaty people, with barely any space to navigate your way through the masses, music so loud that you know you won’t be able to hear well upon leaving, and did I mention overpriced water? It’s worth mentioning again, the price of water at a club is criminal. So why then was this such a fun night? The same reason why a house party is fun, friends — and these were not just any friends. I cannot emphasize enough the quality and caliber of people that I was privileged to celebrate with during this weekend.

After a long, and I mean long, night of jubilant raging, we were depleted. More importantly, we were famished. How then, did we replenish our reservoir? With Italy’s greatest culinary gift to the world, pizza. To our delight, we found a (somewhat) hidden New York-style pizzeria just a floor below. Unfortunately, there was a long line, the length of which was only rivaled by our need for sustenance.

One eternity later, entered ‘za. Do you see that white slice on the top left section? That’s my slice. The same slice that would go on to keep me up at night at the disheartening thought of knowing that an additional slice would be unattainable in Los Angeles. It was an incredible slice — the likes of which I have only found in New York.

This night was indeed, legendary. It would go on to be the last hurrah with the best man, as a bachelor. In just days he would join me in the married men club. Married men society? Either way, it was an honor raging and munching with you, brother.


Tell me, have you ever been to the Marquee? Do you like to go clubbing? What is your favorite late-night food?

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(Featured Image by: Mr. Ramdolfi)

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