The Bachelor Party: Johnny Rockets

On our way toward the last uber of the night, we stumbled upon a Johnny Rockets that would become the last stop of the night — the final chapter of our bachelor party saga. Why? Because, what better way to wrap up an epic night of libations, libations, sustenance, and libations, than with, libations!? More innocent libations this time: Milkshakes!

It was the middle of the night and we were among the only customers in this signature 1950’s-themed restaurant. Exhausted and technically under the influence, we ordered milkshakes and fries. We reminisced, conversed, and then rested in the comfort of silence. It was a moment of bliss that concluded the last night out with the gents — as a bachelor.

We took our shakes to-go, and descended onto the Walk of Fame to hail our ride. It occurs to me that there I stood, on a Los Angeles landmark, and at that moment it meant nothing to me. It was the gents by my side that meant, everything. We could have spent the entire night at my apartment and it would have still been the best of bachelor parties — because I have the best of friends. That, is what truly made this night, legendary.

Tell me, where would you go for your bachelor party? Would you rather indulge in the staples or think outside the box? What matters more to you, the destination, or the people with whom you share the adventure?

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(Featured Image by: Mr. Ramdolfi)

6 thoughts on “The Bachelor Party: Johnny Rockets

    1. Hi Caroline, thank you for your comment and for reading about the bachelor party! Also, a special thanks for the proper use of “whom.” It makes me happy when people use it correctly. Haha is that weird? 😅 Indeed, friends can turn any moment into a memorable one. Thank you for sharing. 😄

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      1. Hahahahaha english is not my first language, so it’s actually the first time I use “whom” because I’m never sure when to use it 😂 When writing the comment I was truly thinking something like “I hope he won’t notice if I’m not sing it properly 😬” !!! I’m glad I didn’t make a mistake and I’m glad it made you happy hahaha 😂

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      2. Hahaha! 😂 Great guess then! The key is to replace the who/whom with he/his or she/her respectively. For example, if the hot dog belongs to “him” you would ask: to “whom” does the hot dog belong? But if you’re saying that “she” gave you the hot dog, you would say: it was the one “who” gave me the hot dog. It only bothers me when people misuse “whom” because some people tend to erroneously use it simply to sound smart — it’s pretentious. But it may just be a U.S. thing. I would never get upset at someone misusing “whom” because English is their second language though. 😄 What is your first language?

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